MP: Politicians who send kids to private schools shouldn’t be hypocrites

Legislators who send their own children to educational cost based schools should not be backstabbers while saying something in regards to public and vernacular schools, said Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman.

He in like manner said various administrators who publicity on such issues don’t send their young people to public or vernacular schools.

We for the most part contemplate public and vernacular schools, yet I truly need to trust that they (administrators) are not tricksters.

Do a focus on ministers, past clerics, their children and grandchildren, the rich MPs, where do they send their youths (to school).


Most are transported off private and overall schools with month to month expenses that go into the huge numbers,” he said during a public meeting at Parliament today.

Last week, claims by academic Teo Kok Seong that Chinese schools supported bias reignited warmed talk over vernacular schools.

Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman

Umno Youth supervisor Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh has moved toward the public power to overview vernacular schools, and present single stream schools.

Saying something with respect to the matter today, Syed Saddiq said that game plan makers should study why a couple of gatekeepers choose not to send their youths to government funded schools.


We should come clean in outlining the destiny of public preparation, we can’t hurry to blame elective educational systems without understanding what’s going on with the ongoing structure.

(Find out) why are there gatekeepers, including Malays, who send their children to vernacular, worldwide or educational cost based schools, he said.

Syed Saddiq added that gives that drive watchmen towards vernacular schools integrate better establishment, other than accepting their children ought to acquire capability with a third language.

With that, he zeroed in on that watchmen can’t be constrained to send their young people to government funded schools.

In light of everything, the public school system ought to be redesigned with the objective that it transforms into the most ideal choice for gatekeepers.